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Heidi Rauber

Heidi Rauber - Senior Analyst

Article 3 min read

Fundamentals: Grain pains and the road to higher prices

Food producers and other consumer staples companies have performed surprisingly well despite the huge challenges posed by the rise in raw material costs.

Heidi Rauber + 2 others | 18 April 2023

Article 7 min read

Ratings 2.0: Fidelity’s sustainability ratings now doubly material

We talk to one of Fidelity's analysts about how they are using the new version of our proprietary sustainable ratings

Heidi Rauber + 2 others | 25 July 2022

Blog 4 min read

ESGenius: What sustainability investors can learn from European consumer staples

ESG principles have long been an integral part of how many European consumer staples companies are run, but it wasn’t always this way.

Heidi Rauber | 19 December 2019

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