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Max Stainton

Max Stainton - Global Macro Strategist

Article 1 min read

Chart Room: A 100-year view of inflation and asset returns

Long run inflation data show equities and bonds both perform better when inflation is falling. But what about today’s world of persistent price rises?

Max Stainton + 2 others | 4 November 2021

Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: A pain in the bottleneck for supply chains

There are tentative signs that substantial supply chain bottlenecks in the US are starting to ease.

Max Stainton | 18 August 2021

Podcast 48 min listen

June's Rich Pickings podcast: Where next for inflation

"The market will wonder: is The Fed talking more aggressively but actually still way behind the curve?" says CIO Andrew McCaffery in June's Rich Pickings.

Richard Edgar + 6 others | 25 June 2021

Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: Staying afloat amid a rising tide of debt

Central banks have been playing a key role in keeping higher debt loads affordable.

Max Stainton + 2 others | 25 February 2021

Podcast 46 min listen

June's Rich Pickings podcast: Know your enemy

"The anaesthetist has shown up to give morphine [to the global economy] but the doctor's still not shown up to do surgery," says Portfolio Manager Amit Lodha.

Richard Edgar + 4 others | 26 June 2020

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