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Amber Stevenson

Amber Stevenson - Senior Investment Specialist

Article 1 min read

Chart Room: EM and commodities have decoupled - but for how long?

The relationship between EMs and commodities has come under pressure. But a closer look at the two asset classes suggests that the old order could be restored.

Amber Stevenson | 27 July 2023

Article 4 min read

Satellite spies take on palm oil deforestation

Deforestation has been high on the agenda at COP26, with many countries signing up to end the practice by 2030.

Ana Victoria Quaas + 1 other | 11 November 2021

In the weeds with one of the world’s largest pulp producers

See how Fidelity's engagement with Suzano developed and what's happening on the ground.

Kris Atkinson + 4 others | 5 November 2021

Article 3 min read

Carbon pricing is coming but watch out for greenflation

Carbon pricing is an inescapable tool in the race to net zero, according to Fidelity International’s latest Analyst Survey.

Terry Raven + 2 others | 27 October 2021

Article 6 min read

Biodiversity bond raises the stakes for paper firms

Fidelity engages with a paper and pulp manufacturer, Suzano, on how it is addressing biodiversity and reducing carbon emissions.

Kris Atkinson + 3 others | 26 May 2021

Article 7 min read

Analyst Survey 2021: Sector by sector

Fidelity International's analysts expect significant differences in the pace of individual sector recoveries.

Amber Stevenson | 1 March 2021

Article 6 min read

Analyst Survey 2021: Analyst Q&A

Our analysts talk about the key trends in their respective sectors in the wake of Covid-19.

Amber Stevenson + 1 other | 1 March 2021

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