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Michael Curtis

Michael Curtis - Head of Private Credit Strategies

Article 6 min read

Regime change comes into focus for private markets

Regime change comes into focus for private markets

Michael Curtis + 4 others | 16 March 2023

Podcast 34 min listen

Rich Pickings podcast: Outlook 2023 - navigating the polycrisis

Richard Edgar is joined by Fidelity's cross-asset investment team to discuss the 2023 Outlook.

Richard Edgar + 6 others | 16 December 2022

Article 3 min read

Private credit may prove a defensive option in 2023

Although not immune to the wider market volatility, private credit's defensive features and positioning may prove key in 2023

Michael Curtis | 11 November 2022

Blog 2 min read

Direct lenders take a larger chunk of smaller loan deals

Direct lenders are funding a growing proportion of the European mid-market, with the smallest deals seeing the biggest rise.

Michael Curtis + 1 other | 31 March 2022

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