The view on the ground in China

For the past four weeks, Fidelity International has been leveraging our global platform to conduct a brief and informal survey of our staff based in mainland China to help gauge on-the-ground sentiment about the direction and pace of China's recovery from the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak.

While by no means intended as broad or representative of national or even regional sentiment, the voluntary weekly poll of around 200 respondents from our office in the northeastern city of Dalian offers some interesting anecdotal and directional indications about consumer sentiment as the country emerges from lockdowns and life gets slowly back to normal.

As the eight charts below suggest, for consumers, the recovery is unlikely to be V-shaped. Instead, these and other indicators suggest a cautious consumption rebound. Concerns over potential second wave outbreaks are likely to come and go as well, and these could have knock-on effects on how people feel from week-to-week about activities like going out to restaurants or shopping malls, or hopping on a domestic flight, or planning for an overseas holiday. How these trends pan-out could have implications not just for China but for economies around the world. Read on for more.

Read on for more.

Viral Patel

Viral Patel