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Flora Wang
Article 4 min read

ESG ratings are too simplistic

For investors trying to unpack a topic as complicated as sustainability, having a single ESG score for companies isn’t enough.

Flora Wang + 1 other | 19 August 2022

Catherine Yeung
Podcast 47 min listen

The Investor's Guide to China podcast: Engaging with companies in China

To many outsiders, Chinese equity investing might conjure up images of a huge momentum-fuelled market where investors revel in speculation.

Catherine Yeung + 9 others | 14 August 2022

Emilie Goodall
Article 4 min read

High impact: The pursuit of outcomes

Investors can have a positive effect across all asset classes, although the nature of influence will vary.

Emilie Goodall + 1 other | 25 July 2022

Heidi Rauber
Article 7 min read

Ratings 2.0: Fidelity’s sustainability ratings now doubly material

We talk to one of Fidelity's analysts about how they are using the new version of our proprietary sustainable ratings

Heidi Rauber + 2 others | 25 July 2022

Anne Richards
Article 1 min read

Foreword: Anne Richards, CEO

Sustainable Investing Report 2022: Foreword from Anne Richards

Anne Richards | 25 July 2022

Jenn-Hui Tan
Article 4 min read

Overview: ESG 2.0

An ESG evolution is underway.

Jenn-Hui Tan | 25 July 2022

Jenn-Hui Tan
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: The clear link between ESG and returns

How have stocks that scored high for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors held up amid the Covid-19 fallout?

Jenn-Hui Tan + 3 others | 12 November 2020

Jenn-Hui Tan
Article 1 min read

Putting sustainability to the test: ESG outperformance amid volatility

Resarch that puts sustainable investing to the test: ESG outperformance amid volatility

Jenn-Hui Tan + 1 other | 4 November 2020

Martin Dropkin
Article 4 min read

Proprietary ESG ratings prove their worth

Businesses that perform well on sustainability were more resilient during the Covid-19 crash.

Martin Dropkin + 2 others | 14 July 2020

Jenn-Hui Tan
Article 1 min read

Outrunning a crisis: Sustainability and market outperformance

Outrunning a crisis: Sustainability and market performance

Jenn-Hui Tan + 1 other | 16 April 2020

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