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Tina Chang
Article 3 min read

Field Notes: This Chinese dairy company is taking a grass-roots approach to reclaiming deserts

Deep in northern China, a dairy producer discovers that reclaiming desert land helps it build a more robust and sustainable business.

Tina Chang + 2 others | 9 October 2023

Hyomi Jie
Article 4 min read

Field Notes: How to weigh China’s barbell-shaped consumer recovery

Despite challenges facing China's economy, some of the country's consumer companies are gaining market share, in some cases by exploring new niche categories.

Hyomi Jie + 2 others | 19 July 2023

Yuanlin Lang
Video 3 min watch

Field Notes: China’s healthcare innovation marches on

Despite policy concerns and geopolitical tensions, China’s healthcare sector has stayed its course on innovation and keeps climbing the value chain.

Yuanlin Lang + 2 others | 20 April 2023

Alex Dong
Article 5 min read

Cementing a greener future in China

We see huge environmental value in helping to set a top Chinese cement producer on a greener path.

Alex Dong + 2 others | 17 January 2023

Victoria Mio
Article 3 min read

The Vegas of the East at a crossroads

Macau’s tourism-dependent economy was hit hard by Covid-19. Now, the Chinese casino hub aims to turn a crisis into an opportunity to reinvent itself.

Victoria Mio + 3 others | 1 December 2022

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