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Bill McQuaker
Video 4 min watch

What I've learned: Bill McQuaker on his Mum's invaluable lessons

Portfolio Manager Bill McQuaker recalls what he learned from his mother's wise teachings and how it held him in good stead for an investment career.

Bill McQuaker + 1 other | 5 July 2018

Bryan Collins
Video 3 min watch

What I’ve learned: Bryan Collins on collaboration, teams and bellboys

Bryan Collins, Asia credit, on how a frustrating luggage mishap at a top Sydney hotel led to a life-long lesson.

Bryan Collins + 1 other | 9 March 2018

Eugene Philalithis

What I've learned: Eugene Philalithis on trends, investor traps and the go-go days in Asia

Eugene Philalithis, multi-asset, cut his teeth as a trader in the Far East in the heady late 90s, only for the Asian debt crisis to slam markets into reverse.

Eugene Philalithis + 1 other | 8 March 2018

Adnan Siddique
Video 3 min watch

What I've learned: Aneta Wynimko on neuroscience, brands and a pair of Levi's jeans

Aneta Wynimko, consumer equities, recalls how she was affected by finally getting the jeans she wanted as a teenager growing up in Poland in the 80s.

Adnan Siddique + 1 other | 8 March 2018

Steve Ellis
Video 3 min watch

What I've learned: Steve Ellis on the value of money, risk-taking and a Liverpool builders’ merchant

Steve Ellis, emerging market credit, remembers how his father taught him the value of money - the hard way.

Steve Ellis + 1 other | 8 March 2018

Aruna Karunathilake
Video 3 min watch

What I've learned: Aruna Karunathilake on checklists, quant beginnings and a stock pick gone bad

Aruna is a self-confessed numbers guy who learnt that data alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Aruna Karunathilake + 1 other | 8 March 2018

Alex Duffy
Video 3 min watch

What I've learned: Alex Duffy on emerging markets, corporate governance and life on the farm

Alex Duffy, emerging markets portfolio manager, talks about how getting his hands dirty in a mine in Africa got him into a messy situation.

Alex Duffy + 1 other | 7 March 2018

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