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Podcast 39 min listen

March's Rich Pickings podcast: The Testing of The Fed and other tales of central bank credibility

"Maintaining the debt is an important part of central banks' objectives even if they don't openly talk about it," says head of global macro Salman Ahmed.

Richard Edgar + 4 others | 6 April 2021

Podcast 43 min listen

Rich Pickings podcast: (What) A Year in Review

For the final episode of the year Fidelity's Global Chief Investment Officer discusses the market history that was made and the lessons to take from 2020.

Richard Edgar + 3 others | 11 January 2021

Article 3 min read

The inflation puzzle and how to tackle it

Will inflation return despite dis-inflationary forces?

Anna Stupnytska + 2 others | 8 October 2020

Blog 3 min read

Swinging 60s inflation pattern due a comeback

The years between 1964-75, a time of fiscal expansion and low rates, shows why inflation might come back faster than some think.

Charlotte Harington | 7 October 2020

Podcast 43 min listen

September's Rich Pickings podcast: Allocating for recovery

"The market is underestimating inflation. Reduce duration and look for income," says Chief Investment Officer Steve Ellis, in this month's Rich Pickings.

Richard Edgar + 5 others | 2 October 2020

Podcast 43 min listen

July's Rich Pickings podcast: Beware the consensus - what the US election means for investors

"There are more similarities between Trump and Biden than people realise," says Portfolio Manager Aditya Khowala in this month's Rich Pickings.

Richard Edgar + 8 others | 29 July 2020

Blog 1 min read

Fed flashes easing signals

The Federal Reserve kept rates on hold as expected and also signaled that cuts - not hikes - are around the corner, amid signs of weakening economic activity.

Ian Samson + 1 other | 19 June 2019

Podcast 20 min listen

September's Rich Pickings podcast: A world at the mercy of America

The US is playing an increasingly central role in world markets. Why does this matter?

James Bateman + 4 others | 19 September 2018

Podcast 25 min listen

July's Rich Pickings podcast: Grit in the system risks unravelling of global economy

Fidelity's Asset Allocation Group meet to discuss their positioning this month, hard-to-read market sentiment, and the growing seriousness of a trade war.

Bill McQuaker + 4 others | 16 July 2018

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