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Peter May

Peter May - Quantative Analyst

Article 1 min read

Chart Room: Credit markets focus again on fundamentals

Fidelity's model shows factors associated with credit fundamentals and valuations have contributed more than sentiment to investment returns since the pandemic

Peter May + 2 others | 15 June 2023

Article 3 min read

Watch where you step as defaults set to rise

Fidelity’s projected credit spread premium model suggests high yield investors may be taking on more risk than they are being paid for.

Steve Ellis + 2 others | 20 September 2022

Blog 2 min read

What recent market moves imply about the US economic outlook

We take a look at 20 years of data to estimate the hit to the US economy being priced in by equity and credit markets.

Peter May | 1 April 2020

Article 7 min read

Optimising emerging market debt exposure

Emerging market debt can help diversify and improve yields in global bond portfolios. Total return solution offers the best risk-adjusted return potential.

Curtis Evans + 1 other | 6 September 2018

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