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James Bateman - CIO, Multi Asset

Article 3 min read

Multi Asset Outlook 2019: Complacency on inflation stalks markets

Fidelity International's multi asset outlook for 2019 examines the risk of a shock to markets from higher-than-expected inflation.

James Bateman | 26 November 2018

Article 8 min read

CIO views: The correction that averted a capitulation

Recent market volatility shook investors' confidence, with many questioning if the end of cycle was near. Our CIOs give their views.

Romain Boscher + 2 others | 19 November 2018

Article 8 min read

What is defensive this time: Building an all-weather portfolio

For long-term growth oriented investors, being tactical is your best defence.

James Bateman + 3 others | 25 September 2018

Article 6 min read

Changing world, changing risks

Investors need to be braced for a potential shift in market leadership. Will the end of the current cycle will be as peculiar as the rally that preceded it?

Anna Stupnytska + 3 others | 25 September 2018

Podcast 40 min listen

Podcast: New markets, old rules - time to rethink

As the end of the cycle approaches what can stop investors running for the hills? Fidelity experts consider the wisest ways to position for a market shift.

James Bateman + 3 others | 25 September 2018

Podcast 20 min listen

September's Rich Pickings podcast: A world at the mercy of America

The US is playing an increasingly central role in world markets. Why does this matter?

James Bateman + 4 others | 19 September 2018

Podcast 22 min listen

August's Rich Pickings podcast: Could Turkey's turmoils travel?

Is the Turkey crisis isolated or systemic? And if it does spread, where do Fidelity's asset allocators think its effects will be most significant?

James Bateman + 3 others | 17 August 2018

Blog 4 min read

What's so great about indices?

Such is the attraction of indices, they are almost regarded as sacred. But in finance, blind faith does not make for good guidance.

James Bateman + 1 other | 4 June 2018

Podcast 15 min listen

Braver for longer: don't lock in losses by going too defensive too soon

Timing of this cycle is uncertain so investors need to hold risk assets for longer to avoid leaving returns on the table.

James Bateman | 11 December 2017

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