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Oliver Godwin-Brown

Oliver Godwin-Brown - Graphic Designer

Article 2 min read

Chart Room: overpriced, oversubscribed, but not over yet

Developing world governments borrowed as much in January and February of 2024 as they did in the same period of any of the last 20 years.

Marton Huebler + 3 others | 8 March 2024

Article 3 min read

Lower rates won’t ground money markets

Interest rates are expected to drop this year. But the solid and secure returns that have drawn investors to money markets will not evaporate quite as quickly.

Chris Ellinger + 3 others | 9 February 2024

Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Cash, the once and future king

After a flood of capital into cash investments this year a look at forward interest rates suggests cash as king could reign for a while.

Chris Ellinger + 3 others | 2 November 2023

Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Employee welfare is still a priority

Companies’ recent push to focus on employee wellbeing is unlikely to fade, even as an economic downturn puts pressure on business

Fiona O'Neill + 3 others | 27 January 2023

Article 3 min read

Chart Room: Looking back on an inflationary Catch-2022

Eight charts that capture the inflationary torment of 2022 and shine a light on what’s ahead.

Yi Hu + 1 other | 18 December 2022

Blog 3 min read

Chart Room: US housing dip may hit sentiment hard

US real estate was at the centre of the financial crash in 2008. The US housing sector is back in focus again as unaffordability returns to peaks from 2005-7

Aditya Khowala + 2 others | 13 October 2022

Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: The Fed walks a quantitative tightrope

The quantitative tightening of US financial conditions will inevitably strain parts of the banking system

Chris Ellinger + 2 others | 22 September 2022

Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Supercharged commodities spell a regime change for investing

Demand for real assets neglected in the pandemic could be set to surge as the world shifts to a new, sustainable paradigm, but there will also be more pain

Aditya Khowala + 2 others | 16 June 2022

Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: The kitchen gets hotter for China’s gadget makers

Demographics are weighing on China’s kitchen appliance segment, but competition is heating up at the higher end of the market.

Shing Zhu + 2 others | 30 September 2021

Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Gimme shelter (from inflation)

Shelter inflation continues to hold the key for forecasting inflation pressure in the US.

Timothy Foster + 2 others | 29 July 2021

Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Why growth still has room to grow in China equities

The valuation premium for China growth stocks versus value stocks hit a new all-time high, lifted by the consumer, tech and healthcare sectors.

Stuart Rumble + 2 others | 15 October 2020

Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: China’s Covid rebound puts the ‘V’ in investment

Fixed asset investment (FAI) in China has recovered to its pre-Covid levels of growth, with infrastructure and property driving the nation’s broader economy.

Crystal Cui + 3 others | 3 September 2020

Blog 1 min read

A heavy outlook for the US Dollar

The relentless spread of Covid-19 across the US and improving risk sentiment elsewhere is crimping demand for the safe-haven reserve currency.

Stuart Rumble + 2 others | 30 July 2020

Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Mobility data shows most economies are rebounding slowly

Economic activity is being determined by virus response rather than slower-moving traditional industrial cycles. We need to adjust our toolkits accordingly.

Ian Samson + 2 others | 28 May 2020

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