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George Efstathopoulos

George Efstathopoulos - Portfolio Manager

Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: Correlations boil and bubble 🎃 and may spell toil and trouble 🦇

In this follow-up special Halloween edition of Chart Room, we look at how correlations are casting a spell over markets.

George Efstathopoulos + 3 others | 29 October 2020

Article 3 min read

The inflation puzzle and how to tackle it

Will inflation return despite dis-inflationary forces?

Anna Stupnytska + 2 others | 8 October 2020

Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Is disinflation lurking around the corner?

In a bullish signal, the bond market’s short-term expectations for US inflation are back near pre-crisis levels. But are investors being overly optimistic?

George Efstathopoulos + 3 others | 24 September 2020

Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: Emerging market currencies lag on inflation risks

EM countries are using some of the same monetary and fiscal measures as developed markets. But this could add to rising inflation and currency weakness.

George Efstathopoulos + 3 others | 10 September 2020

Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: The resilience of China’s onshore stocks

China’s onshore stocks (A-shares) have outperformed their Hong Kong and overseas listed counterparts, but their valuations are relatively undemanding.

George Efstathopoulos + 3 others | 27 August 2020

Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Why China government bonds have underperformed other markets

China government bond yields are diverging from other major government bond markets.

George Efstathopoulos + 3 others | 15 July 2020

Article 9 min read

Finding genuinely defensive ways to diversify portfolios

What constitutes a defensive asset in the time of Covid-19?

George Efstathopoulos | 26 June 2020

Blog 2 min read

Markets flash volatility on, risk off, but pockets of resilience remain

Risk assets extended their recent selloff, but amid the renewed volatility are some areas of unexpected outperformance.

George Efstathopoulos + 2 others | 26 February 2020

Blog 3 min read

China stimulus takes aim

We think China's policymakers will focus on more targeted stimulus measures with more localised impact, like this week’s cut to a key policy rate.

George Efstathopoulos | 7 November 2019

Blog 3 min read

Despite macro challenges, pockets of resilience in Chinese corporate earnings

Some bright spots in recent earnings reports suggest interesting opportunities

George Efstathopoulos + 1 other | 4 September 2019

Blog 4 min read

Trade war tit-for-tat escalates: Views from the investment desk

Volatility has returned to global financial markets following the latest developments in the ongoing trade spat between the US and China.

Luc Froehlich + 3 others | 6 August 2019

Blog 1 min read

Trump ratchets up US-China trade war with new tariffs

Donald Trump announced on Twitter this week that he plans to add new import tariffs on $300 billion of Chinese-made products

George Efstathopoulos | 2 August 2019

Article 5 min read

How to allocate for income in emerging market debt

Exposure to currency risk, credit quality, and corporate or sovereign debt across the EM fixed income space are key considerations when investing for income.

Eric Wong + 3 others | 4 July 2019

Blog 3 min read

China strikes back at US move with a tariff hike of its own

China strikes back at US move with a tariff hike of its own

George Efstathopoulos + 2 others | 14 May 2019

Blog 3 min read

US hikes tariffs on Chinese goods: Views from the Asia investment desk

US hikes tariffs on Chinese goods: Views from the Asia investment desk

Paras Anand + 4 others | 10 May 2019

Blog 5 min read

What does the US-China trade-talk extension mean for investors?

While headlines suggest that the US and China are inching closer to a deal, it’s clear that there are still a range of questions that need to be addressed.

George Efstathopoulos + 1 other | 4 March 2019

Article 1 min read

Don’t miss the Asia high-yield opportunity

Investor optimism in China is improving, and Asia's high yield market is looking more attractive than the equity market.

George Efstathopoulos | 13 February 2019

Blog 4 min read

2019 China Outlook- Time to enter the tiger’s den?

We explore the opportunities in China equities and fixed income in 2019.

George Efstathopoulos + 3 others | 10 January 2019

Blog 3 min read

Trade wars revisited: US politics and impact on China

The US-China trade war relates to the US electoral cycle and to Trump’s image as ‘deal maker’, and also has a longer-term impact on China.

George Efstathopoulos | 15 October 2018

Podcast 22 min listen

August's Rich Pickings podcast: Could Turkey's turmoils travel?

Is the Turkey crisis isolated or systemic? And if it does spread, where do Fidelity's asset allocators think its effects will be most significant?

James Bateman + 3 others | 17 August 2018

Blog 3 min read

Policy tweaks open new opportunities in China and Japan

Recent easing measures in China should support Asian high yield bonds, while we also see value in Japan financials bolstered by the BOJ's ETF purchases.

George Efstathopoulos | 6 August 2018

Blog 3 min read

US-China trade tensions ratchet up

The US has launched another round of tariffs on exports from China, sparking market jitters. But there are reasons to be positive on Chinese equities.

George Efstathopoulos | 11 July 2018

Article 10 min read

Implicit exposure: the risks you didn’t know you were taking

Implicit exposures - or unintended risks - are attached to every investment decision.

Edward Simmonds + 5 others | 2 February 2018

Article 5 min read

China's tricky tightrope: High debt levels don't spell gloom but China's magic wand is gone

Can Asia’s economic tiger save the cycle, or will its soaring debt bring the world’s economy down?

Oscar Hutchinson + 2 others | 11 December 2017

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