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Eva Tam -

Fidelity's three sustainable investing themes for 2021

Fidelity sees three major sustainable investment trends taking shape in 2021.

Jenn-Hui Tan + 1 other | 4 February 2021

Video 5 min watch

Grocery retail is the next frontier for e-commerce in China

Chinese internet companies like Tencent, Alibaba and have been acquiring and teaming up with bricks-and-mortar stores.

Hyomi Jie + 1 other | 16 September 2019

Video 5 min watch

From Made in China to Designed in China: The luxury brands moving up the value chain

If you haven't heard of these luxury Chinese brands, you will soon. Portfolio Manager Hyomi Jie investigates the premiumisation of fashion labels like JNBY.

Hyomi Jie + 1 other | 16 September 2019

Bull and bear cases for China in 2029

Fidelity analysts give bull and bear cases for consumption, financial, and property sectors in China in 2029

Eva Tam | 17 January 2019

Video 7 min watch

Three Shanghai workers, three very different approaches to saving for retirement

A day in the life of three people in Shanghai and a deep dive into how they’re saving for their future.

Eva Tam | 29 October 2018

Video 6 min watch

What MSCI inclusion means for China's biggest soy sauce manufacturer

Companies like Haitian will be opened up to a broader, deeper and more international shareholder base.

Neil Gough + 1 other | 6 July 2018

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