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Fidelity International Global Macro & Asset Allocation Team
Article 6 min read

Mapping US election tail risks: a framework-based approach

Mapping US election tail risks: a framework-based approach

Katsumi Ishibashi
Article 4 min read

A to-do list for Japan’s next prime minister

Ensuring fiscal and monetary policy continuity while overseeing Japan's response to the Covid-19 crisis will be top priorities for Shinzo Abe's successor.

Katsumi Ishibashi | 3 September 2020

Fidelity International
Video 6 min watch

Cool Heads: UK election result positive for markets, but not a game changer

The Conservatives have won the UK election, making Brexit more likely. Markets have rallied on the news, but longer-term implications remain unclear.

Fidelity International | 13 December 2019

Kate Howitt
Blog 3 min read

If ESG regulations can’t keep up, we must make the rules

Political polarisation is increasing and this is blocking the development of ESG guidelines. As a result, companies and investors should step in.

Kate Howitt | 30 July 2019

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