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Helen Huang
Article 5 min read

Are private savings the answer for China’s ageing masses?

China's new ‘third pillar’ private pension scheme could reshape both ordinary people’s retirement plans and the country's asset management industry.

Helen Huang + 2 others | 30 November 2022

Paras Anand
Podcast 43 min listen

The Investor's Guide to China podcast: Demographics

China’s labour pool is shrinking as the population ages. How people save and invest signals challenges and opportunities for China’s pension system.

Paras Anand + 10 others | 23 November 2021

Daisy Ho
Blog 3 min read

New survey finds silver linings to China’s pension challenges

As China faces the formidable task of building a private pension industry from scratch, it can count on the blessing of residents’ financial wellness.

Daisy Ho | 22 December 2020

Ren Cheng
Article 8 min read

China’s third-pillar pension challenge

Private or third pillar pensions are expected to grow rapidly in China in coming years to augment state (first pillar) and corporate (second pillar) pensions.

Ren Cheng | 19 September 2019

Satoshi Nojiri
Blog 3 min read

Women and investing in Japan: Many steps behind men, but making progress

Women and investing in Japan: Many steps behind men, but making progress

Satoshi Nojiri | 1 April 2019

Satoshi Nojiri
Blog 2 min read

Fidelity survey of Japan’s elderly highlights the perils of financial overconfidence

Fidelity survey of Japan’s elderly highlights the perils of financial overconfidence

Satoshi Nojiri | 19 March 2019

Satoshi Nojiri
Article 13 min read

Standing on demographic fault lines: The impact of population changes

We explore how policymakers in Saudi Arabia, China and Japan are seeking to address their radically different demographic challenges.

Satoshi Nojiri + 3 others | 30 October 2018

Paras Anand
Article 7 min read

The future of retirement won't be a cliff-edge goodbye to work

Retirement is a recent concept, and is bound to change as older people live longer and remain more active. The corporate world will have to follow suit.

Paras Anand + 1 other | 29 October 2018

Eva Tam
Video 7 min watch

Three Shanghai workers, three very different approaches to saving for retirement

A day in the life of three people in Shanghai and a deep dive into how they’re saving for their future.

Eva Tam | 29 October 2018

David Buckle
Article 8 min read

The DB-DC pensions shift is imminent. Its consequences will be dramatic.

When the majority of new pensioners will be drawing defined benefit pensions, many will be in for a rude awakening.

David Buckle + 1 other | 29 October 2018

Richard Edgar
Podcast 28 min listen

Podcast: How to survive the demographics revolution

Significant shifts are underway in the pattern of global populations. What do these changes mean for societies, companies, individuals, and investors?

Richard Edgar | 29 October 2018

Benjamin Moshinsky
Bibliography 6 min read

The investment world's best material on demographics

The best books, articles and films on the themes of demographics and old age from Fidelity.

Benjamin Moshinsky | 29 October 2018

Adnan Siddique
Article 4 min read

To my newborn son: here's your financial future

A new father writes a letter to his son with thoughts on how shifting demographics will have changed the world by the time he starts work.

Adnan Siddique | 29 October 2018

Satoshi Nojiri
Blog 3 min read

Japan’s millennials are turning more positive on investing

Younger Japanese people are turning more positive toward investing and are doing more of it, Fidelity’s latest annual survey of Japanese workers showed.

Satoshi Nojiri | 18 July 2018

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