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Lei Zhu
Article 5 min read

Asia outlook: Riding the growth momentum

China’s economic slowdown and the resilience of the US dollar have dimmed the lustre of Asian economies. But the growth story should continue in 2024.

Lei Zhu + 1 other | 17 November 2023

Andrew McCaffery
Article 3 min read

US midterms and a history of stock market gains

The division of power after US midterm elections has led to calmer stock markets and positive investment returns. 2023 may yet prove more of an exception.

Andrew McCaffery | 18 November 2022

Paras Anand
Blog 2 min read

US Elections: As the dust settles

Beyond the elections, the longer-term focus is on the US domestic economy, regionalisation of global trade, and the resilience of emerging and Asian markets.

Paras Anand | 8 November 2020

Fidelity International Global Macro & Asset Allocation Team
Article 6 min read

Mapping US election tail risks: a framework-based approach

Mapping US election tail risks: a framework-based approach

Paras Anand
Blog 2 min read

Does the UK election outcome matter for global markets?

Does the UK election outcome matter for global markets?

Paras Anand | 12 December 2019

Tiago Parente
Blog 5 min read

After European elections, finding consensus amid fragmentation

European elections: the populist wave that was supposed to have swept the more centrist parties failed to materialise

Tiago Parente | 28 May 2019

Sandeep Kothari
Blog 4 min read

India election: Modi for longer

Fresh mandate to help Modi push for further reforms.

Sandeep Kothari + 1 other | 23 May 2019

Andressa Tezine
Article 1 min read

The last tango for Macri?

Argentinian President Mauricio Macri faces a test as negative sentiment pushes Argentinian bond spreads to levels not seen since the pre-Macri era.

Andressa Tezine | 26 April 2019

Paul Greer
Blog 1 min read

Investors to pressure Turkey on economic reforms amid lira volatility

Markets will be seeking a more conventional approach from Turkey on its economic reforms.

Paul Greer | 3 April 2019

Akash Tillu
Blog 2 min read

Coalition government could be on the cards in India

India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will return to the polls between April and May. But this time a coalition government might be on the cards.

Akash Tillu | 31 January 2019

Paras Anand
Blog 1 min read

Midterms could be good for the US economy

Midterms could be good for the US economy

Paras Anand | 7 November 2018

Anna Stupnytska
Blog 5 min read

What to expect from the US midterm elections: Macroeconomic and market implications

Fidelity's cross-asset scenario analysis on potential outcomes from the US midterm elections assesses the macroeconomic and market implications.

Anna Stupnytska + 1 other | 1 November 2018

Angel Ortiz
Blog 1 min read

Angel Ortiz | 8 October 2018

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