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Fiona O'Neill
Article 5 min read

Mind the gap: Companies need to spend much more on net zero

Fidelity’s survey of our analysts on ESG issues delivers a home truth: there is a big gap between the action needed to deliver net zero and what is being done.

Fiona O'Neill + 1 other | 26 June 2023

Catherine Yeung
Podcast 33 min listen

The Investor's Guide to China podcast: Decarbonising China

2021 was a big year for the global fight against climate change. China's president, Xi Jinping, again pledged that China would hit peak emissions by 2030.

Catherine Yeung + 8 others | 16 May 2023

James Richards
Article 3 min read

Mining graduates are a crucial green building block

Winning over graduates and universities is the latest challenge facing miners struggling to deliver the metals needed for the net zero transition.

James Richards + 2 others | 21 November 2022

Jenn-Hui Tan
Article 4 min read

Overview: ESG 2.0

An ESG evolution is underway.

Jenn-Hui Tan | 25 July 2022

Carsten Roemheld
Podcast 35 min listen

Rich Pickings podcast: The ESG questions raised by the Russia-Ukraine war

Carsten Roemheld discusses the ESG questions raised by the Russia-Ukraine war and the implications for asset allocation.

Carsten Roemheld + 4 others | 4 May 2022

Jenn-Hui Tan
Article 4 min read

Energy independence drive could impact renewables adoption

European governments rush to reduce dependency on Russian gas.

Jenn-Hui Tan + 2 others | 8 March 2022

Oliver Trimingham
Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: Electric carmakers to outstrip ICEs by mid 2020s

The number of electric vehicle manufacturers is expected to overtake the number of companies making cars of the gas-guzzling variety by the mid 2020s.

Oliver Trimingham + 1 other | 20 January 2022

Richard Edgar
Podcast 46 min listen

Rich Pickings podcast: Practical (and green) investing for the climate transition

"The solutions exist today to get us 80 per cent of the way to net zero," says portfolio manager Cornelia Furse in this latest episode of Rich Pickings.

Richard Edgar + 4 others | 5 November 2021

Andrew McCaffery
Article 4 min read

COP26 is a make-or-break moment for cutting emissions at speed

COP26 is a chance to go faster on the things that we know work and to push harder on the things we still need to get right.

Andrew McCaffery | 29 October 2021

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