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Ben Moshinsky

Ben Moshinsky - Editor at Large

Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: The clear link between ESG and returns

How have stocks that scored high for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors held up amid the Covid-19 fallout?

Jenn-Hui Tan + 3 others | 12 November 2020

Blog 4 min read

July’s Fidelity International Pulse Survey: Falling costs find some support

July’s Fidelity International Pulse Survey: Falling costs find some support

Martin Dropkin + 2 others | 16 July 2020

Article 5 min read

Fidelity International Pulse Survey: 10 months of disruption remain

Fidelity International’s June survey of 149 analysts finds that activity in most sectors and regions is expected to return to a stable level in under a year.

Fiona O'Neill + 2 others | 18 June 2020

Blog 2 min read

Coronavirus: The grey swan

The spread of Coronavirus and its affect on the Analyst Survey.

Ben Moshinsky | 13 February 2020

Article 6 min read

European Parliament elections: Bond investors brace for a populist takeover

The EU elections could inject political risk into sovereign bond markets, making the election results a ‘must-watch’ event for fixed-income investors.

Tiago Parente + 3 others | 26 April 2019

Blog 3 min read

A Goldilocks moment for China’s monetary policy, but watch for more easing and bond index inclusion

Two events are driving the outlook for China fixed income- easing monetary conditions and the expected inclusion of Chinese bonds in benchmark indexes.

Bryan Collins + 4 others | 14 March 2019

Article 13 min read

Sector by sector: Analyst Survey 2019

Across 10 sectors, only healthcare analysts showed an improvement in sentiment from last year.

Ben Moshinsky + 1 other | 22 February 2019

Blog 2 min read

Brexit vote: Next steps

What next for Brexit after Prime Minister Theresa May's historic defeat?

Anna Stupnytska + 3 others | 17 January 2019

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