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Rick Patel
Blog 3 min read

Is the US turning Japanese?

A higher post-coronavirus savings rate in the US risks pushing the country into a low growth spiral similar to that which first ensnared Japan 30 years ago.

Rick Patel | 27 May 2020

Andrew McCaffery
Blog 4 min read

Fidelity CIOs: Dispersion increases as demand effects filter through

Investors become more selective as demand shock hits oil price and other sectors.

Andrew McCaffery + 1 other | 22 April 2020

Martin Dropkin
Article 1 min read

Downgrade risks when zombies become fallen angels

The high yield bond market prepares for an influx of downgraded investment grade debt.

Martin Dropkin + 1 other | 9 April 2020

Eric Wong
Blog 2 min read

Strong underpinnings to Asia’s investment grade bond market

Asia’s investment grade bond market looks attractive as we continue working through the Covid-19 outbreak, and global coordinated stimulus take effect.

Eric Wong + 2 others | 3 April 2020

Steve Bramley
Blog 4 min read

Finding opportunities in fixed income markets

Dislocations in credit valuations present an opportunity for active managers to add exposure selectively in specific areas.

Steve Bramley | 1 April 2020

Ario Emami Nejad
Article 4 min read

European IG: With volatility comes opportunity, but discipline is key

Recent price dislocations means the long run return potential of European investment grade bonds is positive, but prepare for continued volatility

Ario Emami Nejad | 18 March 2020

Sajiv Vaid
Blog 2 min read

Sterling investment grade set to outperform US/Euro bonds

With reduced political uncertainty, fundamental credit considerations will once again frame returns for the sector.

Sajiv Vaid + 1 other | 9 January 2020

Joe Hanmer
Article 6 min read

A bottom-up approach to factor investing in corporate bonds

An introduction to Fidelity's ground-breaking approach to factor investing in fixed income

Joe Hanmer + 1 other | 3 June 2019

Ario Emami Nejad
Blog 2 min read

Beware of the BuBBBle in investment grade

With the huge growth in the issuance of BBB-rated bonds, there are fears that downgrades could negatively impact the high-yield and credit market in 2019.

Ario Emami Nejad | 26 November 2018

David Simner
Blog 1 min read

The Italian government surprises markets with plan to increase budget deficit

The Italian government threw down a gauntlet to the European Commission by announcing a spending-prone budget that defied expectations.

David Simner + 1 other | 28 September 2018

Peter Khan
Article 8 min read

Lifting the lid on fixed income asset allocation models

This article explain's the quantitative model we use to guide our asset allocation decisions in fixed income

Peter Khan + 4 others | 25 September 2018

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