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Solutions and Multi Asset Team
Article 1 min read

Ukraine back to the fore for markets

An attempted coup, real or not, has all eyes in markets back on the war and its implications for Russian politics.

Craig Topp
Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Leveraged borrowers feel the squeeze as debt costs rise

Chart Room: Leveraged borrowers feel the squeeze as debt costs rise interest cost ratios

Craig Topp + 1 other | 22 June 2023

Lee Sotos
Article 4 min read

First Republic Bank and the outlook for the financial system

First Republic Bank and the outlook for the financial system

Lee Sotos + 3 others | 3 May 2023

Nana Yang
Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Utilities less useful as bond proxies

Rising interest rates in the US are testing the notion of utility stocks as bond proxies, as ties between their P/E ratios and corporate bond yields weaken.

Nana Yang + 1 other | 13 April 2023

Kim Politzer
Article 4 min read

European commercial real estate remains more robust than US

European commercial real estate remains more robust than US

Kim Politzer + 1 other | 11 April 2023

Ned Salter
Article 2 min read

Certain banks struggle but sector remains solid

Certain banks struggle but sector remains solid

Ned Salter + 1 other | 17 March 2023

Steve Ellis
Article 3 min read

Watch where you step as defaults set to rise

Fidelity’s projected credit spread premium model suggests high yield investors may be taking on more risk than they are being paid for.

Steve Ellis + 2 others | 20 September 2022

Ben Li
Article 7 min read

Re-globalisation in the age of Asia's supply chain crunch

Even the best-laid plans across the global manufacturing industry haven’t kept pace with a swiftly evolving siege of pressures on supply chains.

Ben Li + 5 others | 28 April 2022

Rahul Srivatsa
Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: Risk-on and on, with caveats

Caution and careful positioning are important from here, based on the latest readings from Fidelity’s risk aversion indicator.

Rahul Srivatsa + 2 others | 10 February 2021

Fidelity International
Blog 3 min read

Market volatility spikes on coronavirus impact

How should investors respond to the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus outbreak, and the volatility it may create?

Fidelity International | 12 February 2020

Rahul Srivatsa
Blog 3 min read

Volatility is a double-edged sword that investors can’t live without

A better understanding of volatility and its role in portfolios can help investors to position themselves for any turbulence ahead.

Rahul Srivatsa | 3 October 2019

Catherine Yeung
Article 2 min read

China bank shares tumble on US ruling that could trigger penalties

Shares declined on news that linked three Chinese banks to a US judge’s finding of contempt of court in a case related to North Korean sanctions violations.

Catherine Yeung | 25 June 2019

Eugene Philalithis
Blog 2 min read

Are we in a new volatility regime?

The return of volatility means broad market exposure earning attractive returns is unlikely to continue, and we need to be selective with the risks we take.

Eugene Philalithis | 23 January 2019

Amit Lodha
Article 4 min read

What to watch at the end of the cycle

The world seems full of questions at the moment about the end of the cycle, the effect of quantitative tightening, valuations and the trade war.

Amit Lodha | 7 August 2018

Ilia Chelomianski
Article 6 min read

Green bonds: Five important questions answered

Green bonds are a useful group of assets in ESG investing, but some investors are not entirely clear on key aspects of the instruments.

Ilia Chelomianski + 1 other | 5 April 2018

Adnan Siddique
Video 4 min watch

ESG: Four underappreciated risks

From data breach to economic populism, Fidelity analysts detail their experiences of ESG-related risks they see as often underappreciated.

Adnan Siddique + 1 other | 2 February 2018

Edward Simmonds
Article 10 min read

Implicit exposure: the risks you didn’t know you were taking

Implicit exposures - or unintended risks - are attached to every investment decision.

Edward Simmonds + 5 others | 2 February 2018

Curtis Evans
Article 3 min read

Sting in the tail: why volatility may not be the best measure of risk for credit markets

Does it make sense to rely on volatility to assess risk? For bond investors, that could be a costly mistake.

Curtis Evans + 1 other | 2 February 2018

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