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Alex Dong
Article 1 min read

Chart Room: China’s sportswear sector on the right track

In China’s slowing economy, sportswear remains one of a small number of industries underpinned by solid domestic demand.

Alex Dong + 1 other | 4 April 2024

Terence Tsai
Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Time to be ‘semi-cautious’

The rising cycle of global semiconductor stocks has entered its second half, where an easy “buy everything” strategy is no longer appropriate.

Terence Tsai + 2 others | 14 March 2024

Elroy Ng
Article 4 min read

What investors should know about Asean’s ecommerce war

The ecommerce giants of Asean are largely mired in stiff competition and weak earnings. But we think their woes are just the growing pains of a young market.

Elroy Ng + 2 others | 11 March 2024

Yi Hu
Article 4 min read

India’s hopes for solar dominance dimmed but not extinguished

Two years after setting 2030 solar targets, India is falling behind schedule, but a robust economy and thirst for energy will continue to fuel its solar boom.

Yi Hu | 21 December 2023

Ally Chin
Article 2 min read

Field Notes: Seeing the fabric of life in Bangladesh

We recently travelled to Bangladesh to see what the living and factory working conditions are like for the world’s No. 2 exporter of ready-made garments.

Ally Chin + 2 others | 4 September 2023

Madeleine Kuang
Article 3 min read

China + 1 = ASEAN: A winning formula

A pandemic, a war and geopolitical tensions have caused global firms to rethink their supply chains, and many are eyeing the ASEAN region.

Madeleine Kuang + 2 others | 15 May 2023

Martin Dropkin
Article 3 min read

How China aims to unlock more value from state firms

In a new reform push, China’s policymakers are nudging state-owned companies to boost shareholder returns and capital efficiency.

Martin Dropkin + 1 other | 10 May 2023

Taosha Wang
Article 3 min read

Proxy plays on China’s consumer rebound are all the rage in Paris

Luxury companies have been among the biggest beneficiaries of China’s bounce and are delivering investors exposure without putting money in Chinese companies.

Taosha Wang + 3 others | 28 April 2023

Lynda Zhou
Article 2 min read

How far can ‘revenge spending’ consumers carry China’s economic rebound?

Chinese consumers’ holiday shopping provided evidence of pent-up demand. With more policy support, consumers will set their sights on bigger ticket items.

Lynda Zhou + 1 other | 13 February 2023

Cian O'Sullivan
Article 3 min read

Fundamentals: Building Paris every week

Retrofitting is the answer to slashing real estate's huge carbon bill, says analyst Cian O'Sullivan in our latest Fundamentals episode.

Cian O'Sullivan + 1 other | 19 January 2023

Jonathan Tseng
Blog 4 min read

Metaverse: Does it meta?

The buzz around the “metaverse” has gone into overdrive. But is it all it’s cracked up to be? And does it ‘meta’ for investors?

Jonathan Tseng + 2 others | 20 January 2022

Randy Cutler
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Net zero puts oil on a rollercoaster ride

The race to decarbonise is constraining investment in long-cycle energy projects.

Randy Cutler | 28 October 2021

Terry Raven
Article 3 min read

Carbon pricing is coming but watch out for greenflation

Carbon pricing is an inescapable tool in the race to net zero, according to Fidelity International’s latest Analyst Survey.

Terry Raven + 2 others | 27 October 2021

Shing Zhu
Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: The kitchen gets hotter for China’s gadget makers

Demographics are weighing on China’s kitchen appliance segment, but competition is heating up at the higher end of the market.

Shing Zhu + 2 others | 30 September 2021

Velislava Dimitrova
Blog 3 min read

Chart Room: The crisis and opportunity in recycling single-use plastics

Production of single-use plastics is forecast to continue rising for the next decade-plus, and investment opportunities will depend greatly on recycling.

Velislava Dimitrova + 4 others | 17 June 2021

Sherry Qin
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: China’s EV industry is charged for growth

The combination of falling battery costs and rising adoption rates means China's EV industry is charged for growth.

Sherry Qin + 3 others | 26 May 2021

Ming Gong
Blog 4 min read

China property: Built for the long run

Facing challenges in their core business of building and selling new homes, Chinese real estate developers have found an alternative source of revenue.

Ming Gong + 1 other | 24 August 2020

Tina Tian
Blog 4 min read

Covid health code reveals China’s big data edge

A key to China’s success in containing the coronavirus, the health code’s propagation evinces a major advantage in big data development.

Tina Tian + 1 other | 16 July 2020

Jenn-Hui Tan

Engaging with investee companies across multiple themes

How Fidelity is engaging with investee companies across multiple themes and geographies.

Jenn-Hui Tan + 1 other | 14 July 2020

Jennifer Jackson
Blog 4 min read

How to avoid the bond 'greenium'

The recent rush for green bonds has often made them more expensive than ordinary bonds, despite offering the same returns.

Jennifer Jackson + 1 other | 25 February 2020

Raymond Ma
Blog 4 min read

The fourth automation wave will be ‘Made in China’

China is set to lead the world in automation developments, because it has lots of data and the means to leverage it.

Raymond Ma | 6 November 2019

Vincent Durel
Article 4 min read

What it means to pursue an active sustainable investing strategy

ESG is changing the way companies and asset managers engage with each other, resulting in a positive outcome both for investors and society as a whole.

Vincent Durel + 1 other | 15 April 2019

Aela Cozic
Article 10 min read

Defining ESG: Evolution not revolution

ESG investing seems all the rage, but what does this focus on environmental, social and governance criteria actually mean for investors?

Aela Cozic + 1 other | 5 April 2018

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