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White Paper 1 min read

The smaller half of China's sky: Fidelity International China Gender Diversity Report

In Fidelity's first report on gender diversity in corporate China, we examine the status quo and offer suggestions on how firms and investors can do better.

Fidelity International | 23 February 2022

Article 3 min read

Asia’s shifting growth model

Market leadership continues to evolve across Asia-Pacific, with potential inflation making some markets look more resilient than others.

Fidelity International | 18 November 2021

Article 1 min read

Building solid foundations: Fidelity International China Stewardship Report 2020

Fidelity International's inaugural China Stewardship Report shows steady progress in investment stewardship and implementing ESG at domestic A-share companies.

Fidelity International | 30 November 2020

Blog 3 min read

China and its neighbours reboot supply chains

As China’s economy emerges from lockdown, activity across Asia’s sprawling network of factories, ports and logistics hubs is picking up.

Fidelity International + 1 other | 23 March 2020

Video 5 min watch

Cool Heads: Coronavirus hits global markets

Amit Lodha and Judith Finegold discuss the emerging investment implications as the coronavirus spreads beyond Asia to Europe and the Middle East.

Fidelity International | 24 February 2020

Blog 3 min read

Market volatility spikes on coronavirus impact

How should investors respond to the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus outbreak, and the volatility it may create?

Fidelity International | 12 February 2020

Article 6 min read

Coronavirus: Sector impacts and lessons from SARS

Online businesses typically faring better than offline.

Fidelity International | 31 January 2020

Article 3 min read

Coronavirus impact: Fund manager views from Asia

Our fund managers give their views on the possible short- and long-term implications of this outbreak for investors.

Fidelity International | 29 January 2020

Article 2 min read

Investment Outlook Q1 2020: Slowing but going

Overall, 2020 looks to be a story of growth stabilisation rather than big acceleration and it displays the signs of the final stages of a bull market.

Fidelity International | 14 January 2020

White Paper 1 min read

Outlook 2020: Soft landing, earnings returning

Full annual outlook for 2020 across all asset classes.

Fidelity International | 19 December 2019

Video 45 min watch

Fidelity International on Asset TV - Asia Fixed Income

Luc Froehlich, Global Head of Investment Directing Fixed Income, features on this Asia Fixed Income Masterclass panel.

Fidelity International | 16 December 2019

Video 46 min watch

Fidelity International on Asset TV - Asia Outlook

Dhananjay Phadnis, Portfolio Manager, Fidelity Emerging Asia Fund, features on Asia Outlook Masterclass panel.

Fidelity International | 16 December 2019

Video 6 min watch

Cool Heads: UK election result positive for markets, but not a game changer

The Conservatives have won the UK election, making Brexit more likely. Markets have rallied on the news, but longer-term implications remain unclear.

Fidelity International | 13 December 2019

Article 2 min read

Cool Heads: Investors are getting climate change wrong

Assessing a portfolio's climate pathway, rather than its emissions relative to a benchmark, should help reduce overall emissions.

Fidelity International | 3 December 2019

Video 6 min watch

Cool Heads: Romain Boscher and Marty Dropkin on earnings and consumer strength

Romain Boscher and Marty Dropkin discuss discuss the rebound in earnings and the divergence between manufacturing and consumer strength.

Fidelity International | 31 October 2019

Cool Heads: Another cut expected from the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is expected to cut rates for the third consecutive time this year.

Fidelity International | 30 October 2019

Video 6 min watch

Cool Heads: Ian Samson and Andrea Iannelli on growth and inflation

Ben Deane sets out what’s been driving inflation, Ian Samson explains his outlook for the coming months and Andrea Iannelli examines what it means for markets.

Fidelity International | 24 October 2019

Video 5 min watch

Cool Heads: where next for sterling?

Tim Foster says the pound could benefit from a more positive UK outlook.

Fidelity International | 23 October 2019

Video 6 min watch

Cool Heads: Bill McQuaker and Charlotte Harington on geopolitical risk

Bill McQuaker and Charlotte Harington discuss the rise of geopolitical uncertainty and what investors can do to combat it.

Fidelity International | 22 October 2019

Video 5 min watch

Cool Heads: Alex Wright on UK equities beyond Brexit

Portfolio manager Alex Wright talks about how UK companies are faring amid Brexit uncertainty and the impact on corporate earnings

Fidelity International | 17 October 2019

Article 1 min read

Cool Heads: Fidelity CEO Anne Richards on Brexit and fragmentation

Watch our new series Cool Heads, in which Fidelity investors cut through the noise to focus on what really matters.

Fidelity International | 16 October 2019

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