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Luca Romano
Article 8 min read

ESGenius: Insurance companies neglect sustainability at their peril

Fidelity research shows disparity in how sustainability is viewed across insurance sector.

Luca Romano + 2 others | 21 October 2020

Fidelity International
Article 2 min read

Cool Heads: Investors are getting climate change wrong

Assessing a portfolio's climate pathway, rather than its emissions relative to a benchmark, should help reduce overall emissions.

Fidelity International | 3 December 2019

Ilia Chelomianski
Article 6 min read

Green bonds: Five important questions answered

Green bonds are a useful group of assets in ESG investing, but some investors are not entirely clear on key aspects of the instruments.

Ilia Chelomianski + 1 other | 5 April 2018

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