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Richard Edgar
Podcast 48 min listen

June's Rich Pickings podcast: Where next for inflation

"The market will wonder: is The Fed talking more aggressively but actually still way behind the curve?" says CIO Andrew McCaffery in June's Rich Pickings.

Richard Edgar + 6 others | 25 June 2021

Salman Ahmed
Blog 2 min read

Policy credibility remains key macro risk following hawkish Fed meeting

Chair Powell says Fed is considering beginning discussions on tapering.

Salman Ahmed | 17 June 2021

Terry Raven
Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Fidelity analysts expect inflationary pressures to keep rising for now

Inflationary pressures are picking up, according to Fidelity International’s latest monthly analyst survey.

Terry Raven + 1 other | 3 June 2021

Louise Fribourg
Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: An uneven supercycle for commodities?

Most commodity prices have been strong this year, spurring talk of a potential supercycle. But the returns could be more dispersed from here.

Louise Fribourg + 3 others | 20 May 2021

Timothy Foster
Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: Rapid reopening drives inflation higher

US headline consumer prices have risen at the fastest pace in 13 years due to positive base effects, rising energy prices and the reopening of the economy.

Timothy Foster + 1 other | 13 May 2021

Matthew Jennings
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Why dividends make sense in an inflationary environment

History shows how dividend-focused investment strategies can provide sustainable income in a reflationary environment.

Matthew Jennings + 2 others | 29 April 2021

George Efstathopoulos
Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: China has fewer reasons to be hawkish

China's short-end rates remain low despite earlier expectations for monetary tightening.

George Efstathopoulos + 3 others | 22 April 2021

Timothy Foster
Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: A Goldilocks spot for inflation-linked bonds

We see a sweet spot in inflation-linked bonds with maturities ranging from 1 year to 10 years.

Timothy Foster + 1 other | 18 March 2021

Salman Ahmed
Article 2 min read

Fed acknowledges change in reaction function

Fed reiterates guidance and maintains asset purchase programme, despite a significant upgrade to growth and inflation projections.

Salman Ahmed | 17 March 2021

Salman Ahmed
Blog 3 min read

Market questions central bank credibility

Markets are testing central banks’ resolve to keep rates low.

Salman Ahmed | 26 February 2021

Timothy Foster
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Keep an eye on housing rents when tracking inflation

Some key considerations make us more constructive on US rents for the year ahead, particularly soaring home purchase prices.

Timothy Foster + 1 other | 18 February 2021

Anthony Doyle
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Weakening dollar gives emerging markets a shot in the arm

Emerging markets may be helped further along by the weaker outlook for the US dollar.

Anthony Doyle + 3 others | 10 December 2020

Steve Ellis
Article 4 min read

Fixed income in 2021: Monetary policy to the rescue, but duration tantrums are possible

Central banks will want to keep financing costs low given high debt levels, but may not act before a duration tantrum.

Steve Ellis | 27 November 2020

Gita Bal
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Some sectors may be set for a margin squeeze

The latest reading from our monthly analyst survey shows which companies are struggling with inflationary pressure but also weaker pricing power.

Gita Bal + 4 others | 5 November 2020

Anna Stupnytska
Article 3 min read

The inflation puzzle and how to tackle it

Will inflation return despite dis-inflationary forces?

Anna Stupnytska + 2 others | 8 October 2020

Charlotte Harington
Blog 3 min read

Swinging 60s inflation pattern due a comeback

The years between 1964-75, a time of fiscal expansion and low rates, shows why inflation might come back faster than some think.

Charlotte Harington | 7 October 2020

George Efstathopoulos
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Is disinflation lurking around the corner?

In a bullish signal, the bond market’s short-term expectations for US inflation are back near pre-crisis levels. But are investors being overly optimistic?

George Efstathopoulos + 3 others | 24 September 2020

George Efstathopoulos
Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: Emerging market currencies lag on inflation risks

EM countries are using some of the same monetary and fiscal measures as developed markets. But this could add to rising inflation and currency weakness.

George Efstathopoulos + 3 others | 10 September 2020

Andrew McCaffery
Blog 5 min read

Fidelity CIOs: Focus on resilience

Greater focus on resilience and sustainability is benefiting domestic economies and altering supply chains.

Andrew McCaffery + 1 other | 3 September 2020

Anna Stupnytska
Article 6 min read

Inflation outlook: Disinflation for now, but future depends on policy choices

Inflation outlook: Disinflation for now, but future depends on policy choices

Anna Stupnytska | 12 June 2020

Richard Edgar
Podcast 40 min listen

May's Rich Pickings podcast: The case against inflation

Why inflation will be some way off - and how portfolios are being adjusted as the old rules are torn up.

Richard Edgar + 3 others | 21 May 2020

Andrew McCaffery
Blog 4 min read

Fidelity CIOs: Effects of monetary explosion

The sheer scale of central bank action could store up problems for the future.

Andrew McCaffery + 1 other | 20 May 2020

Timothy Foster
Blog 2 min read

Inflation expectations close to nadir

Low Inflation expectations mean breakevens nolw look attractively priced

Timothy Foster + 1 other | 1 April 2020

Steve Ellis
Blog 4 min read

Fidelity CIOs: Dollar devaluation could be the end game from Fed actions

Fiscal and monetary stimulus could weaken the dollar and be inflationary.

Steve Ellis + 1 other | 25 March 2020

Lynda Zhou
Blog 4 min read

China’s financial support targets second-order fallout from coronavirus

China’s healthcare workers have been struggling to contain the spread of coronavirus. Now, policymakers are grappling with the second-order financial effects.

Lynda Zhou + 1 other | 4 February 2020

Fidelity International
Video 6 min watch

Cool Heads: Ian Samson and Andrea Iannelli on growth and inflation

Ben Deane sets out what’s been driving inflation, Ian Samson explains his outlook for the coming months and Andrea Iannelli examines what it means for markets.

Fidelity International | 24 October 2019

Paul Greer
Blog 2 min read

Hunting for yield in frontier markets: Egypt

When smaller frontier markets mature into benchmark names, early investors can earn attractive returns in these relatively niche, often overlooked places.

Paul Greer + 3 others | 15 October 2019

Paras Anand
Blog 3 min read

What Warren Buffett gets wrong about gold

Contrary to Warren Buffett’s complaints about gold, it’s constantly offering useful insights if you look closely enough.

Paras Anand | 2 October 2019

Alvin Cheng
Blog 3 min read

China tiptoes down easing street with rate reform

While the Fed and ECB are signaling more rate cuts and quantitative easing to come, China’s central bank has been taking a more cautious approach.

Alvin Cheng + 2 others | 2 October 2019

Oscar Hutchinson
Blog 2 min read

Gold still has space to shine on

We see more upside for gold, thanks to a potent cocktail of falling interest rates, rising long term inflation expectations and heightening recession concerns.

Oscar Hutchinson | 17 July 2019

Anna Stupnytska
Blog 1 min read

The Fed remains firmly on hold

The overall message at the US Federal Reserve’s May meeting was clear and simple - it is firmly on hold for now.

Anna Stupnytska + 1 other | 1 May 2019

Ian Samson
Blog 2 min read

EM outlook: For China and the Fed, old habits die hard

China and the US Federal Reserve are falling back on old habits, which should provide some desperately-needed comfort to emerging markets.

Ian Samson | 30 April 2019

David Buckle
Article 7 min read

Forecasting markets in 2029: 10 years is a long time in finance

Long term forecasting and how Fidelity constructs its 10-year capital market assumptions .

David Buckle | 16 January 2019

James Bateman
Article 3 min read

Multi Asset Outlook 2019: Complacency on inflation stalks markets

Fidelity International's multi asset outlook for 2019 examines the risk of a shock to markets from higher-than-expected inflation.

James Bateman | 26 November 2018

Ian Samson
Blog 1 min read

GEAR levels show exuberant US economy

Recent economic data show an exuberant US economy, stabilisation in emerging markets and only a slight tick-down in Europe.

Ian Samson + 1 other | 25 September 2018

Anna Stupnytska
Blog 1 min read

No surprises as the Fed sticks to the plan, for now

There were no surprises as the Fed stuck to the plan, and for good reason: data is strong and inflation on track.

Anna Stupnytska | 1 August 2018

Sajiv Vaid
Blog 3 min read

A BoE rate hike is an unnecessary risk

This August, we expect the Bank of England (BoE) to stand and deliver only their second interest rate rise in the past ten years.

Sajiv Vaid | 27 July 2018

Richard Edgar
Podcast 14 min listen

Analysts lift the lid on their sectors’ optimism

Experts from consumer industries, industrials and IT explain why we're seeing the sunniest Analyst Survey in years.

Richard Edgar + 1 other | 21 February 2018

Raji Menon
Article 3 min read

Analyst Survey sees upward pressure on costs and wages - but not on prices

The Fidelity Analyst Survey sees cost and wage pressures starting to increase in the next 12 months.

Raji Menon | 20 February 2018

Anna Stupnytska
Blog 3 min read

The changing nature of inflation

What does lower inflation for longer mean for the future dynamics of inflation indicators

Anna Stupnytska | 14 December 2017

David Buckle
Blog 6 min read

Buckle opinion: Fed raises rates; can't be many in 2018

David Buckle's opinion on the Fed reserve rates decision

David Buckle | 14 December 2017

David Buckle
Article 9 min read

Easy days could soon be over: central bank policy normalisation

Easy monetary policy could soon be over, with huge consequences for debt, asset prices, inflation and much else.

David Buckle + 2 others | 11 December 2017

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